From gritty, indie, genre film to high concept television drama, Interwoven Films has a broad slate of projects in development that reflect a breadth of talent and audience interests.   You’ll find at the heart of all these projects an inclusive cast of characters that focus on the stories of women, 2LGBTQ++ and BIPOC. Click on the posters below to learn more.

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Salvage MOVIE


Queer Indie Feature Film

Salvage is a character-driven drama that explores the complexity of family and belonging. Ma Lavender owns a scrapyard. Here, in this place of the discarded, she fosters four children (Jewels, Missy, Maylis, Summer) brought together by terrible histories of abuse. Ostracized because of their ‘otherness’, they live a cloistered life that is rich in wonders, both in the scrapyard and nearby woods. She is the light. The one who salvages lives.


But when Lavender suddenly dies, they are thrust into adulthood and shifting roles. A social worker, Harper, looking out for their ‘best interests’ arrives, as the outside world and past secrets threaten to separate them. Lost in grief, trying to cope with the loss of the woman who held them together, their fragile world is coming undone. The pressure is on Jewels, the eldest, to protect them, but she is running from traumas that she can’t speak about.

As relationships fracture, Jewels will make an immense sacrifice to love. And choose her family.

When the forest is gone

A crew of 10 tree planters rolls up to a 20-hectare clear-cut block in Northern BC. The 8 hours of sleep they got the night before felt like 2 minutes. Each one is absorbed in their own coping mechanisms to get through the day, cigarettes and stimulants, energy drinks, and painkillers. As the logging road busts through the trees into a clear cut, they see their work for the day, a carnage of tree stumps and chewed up logs on the steep, vertical, incline of a BC mountain slope. Competition to out-earn and out-plant each other outweighs the magnitude of the task and the crew dives into the onslaught of the job’s demands. 


There is solitude to be found on the block, a form that will push each person to the very edge of who they are as they struggle to find peace in the strange days of isolation and a spectacle of self-growth. As the planters find themselves farther away from society as we know it, they find love, discover their sexual orientation, deal with issues of mental health, drug addictions, and loss. They each face the worst and the best of their own nature; pushing themselves as hard as possible into new horizons, and in the end, a new version of themselves awaits.

When The Forest Is Gone


Every summer an estimated 6000 people plant half a billion trees in Canada.  When the Forest is Gone is a long form serial, one hour, six episode intimate Drama.

First-time rookie tree planter Olive heads out West in pursuit of fast cash, and despite the grueling conditions, fierce competition, and the intensity of a queer polyamorous relationship that threatens to overwhelm her, she attempts to face her inner demons, battle her anxieties and embody the adventurous life she truly craves.   

Hairy Shadows

A Poetic Monster Movie

A poetic monster movie about family anxiety.

​A woman reluctantly goes home to care for her estranged father who is succumbing to dementia and believes monstrous hairy shadows in the woods are attempting to possess his body. Hairy Shadows pushes genre film to embrace a quirky thriller with a strong female protagonist.

The Perfect Christmas Tree

90 minute, queer, romantic holiday drama

When Holly, a high-strung, successful pastry chef, returns to her hometown of Pinevale, the Christmas tree capital of Canada, to help her parents pack up the family tea shop she reconnects with her high school crush, Ivy, and discovers how family, love, and Christmas are the true meaning of home.



Having abandoned Mount Olympus, the Goddesses now live as powerful mortals on earth. But Athena, driven by the guilt of her role in humanity’s wars, repeatedly pursues an end to her immortal life. When Hestia becomes involved in her sister’s death wish, she manipulates Athena into killing their father, Zeus. The result is chaos and division on a divine level that threatens the very future of humanity.

 is a long form serial, one hour, six episode, Contemporary Mythology Drama. Set in modern-day, it is a blend of high-stakes drama genres and the mythos of the Greek Goddesses.  It stirs together a combination of bold themes typically dominated by men, that are finally being challenged at the box office with female leads. 

Prince of Darkness

A reclusive, awkward, and unbelievibly incompetent 400-year odl vampire (in a 28 year old’s body) grapples with the sudden death of his Sire and subsequent yet reluctant ascension to the throne, while unexpectedly falling in love for the first time with his family’s 60-year old mortal lawyer who is trying to help him abdicate without causing an interspecies war.



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