What is our ambition?

Interwoven Films is dedicated to engaging in intersectional and inclusive storytelling that pushes the envelope of what Canadian independent film can be and challenges the audience and creators alike to see themselves in stories that remind us we are connected to each other and the greater world around us.  We look to film and entertainment as a means to create change and impact people by challenging the status quo. We aren’t bound by convention, traditions, or norms. We actively seek to tell untold stories and amplify the voices that have long been ignored.

Why We Do This

Since the beginning of humanity, stories have been the way we express ourselves, our experiences, and relate to others. Stories build bonds through empathy and creativity and allow us to deepen our relationships with each other, our communities, and our environment.

How We Started

Interwoven Films is an independent film production company focusing on Canadian content in film and television production. Interwoven Films started as a single production entity in 2018 and has expanded rapidly in the past years to include a diverse slate of projects including Feature Films, Short Films, Digital Web Series, and Serialized Multi-Season Television Dramas.  Our award-winning projects have been screened and broadcast internationally at film festivals in both the North American and European marketplace.  We work with independent writers and filmmakers whose work resonates with our company vision and mandate with the intent to develop and support their talent and create long-term collaborative relationships.  Building opportunities for larger market reach through national and international co-productions is one of the current focuses of Interwoven Films.

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